Adult Autism Assessments

Many of my clients told me about their life long psychological struggles, that we realised were because of undiagnosed neuro divergent conditions such as ASD and/or ADHD.

I have many years of clinical experience in working with neurodivergent people, mostly under the care of mainstream NHS mental health services. I am trained in formal, licensed diagnostic tools (such as DISCO, ADOS-2 etc.) that are all NICE recommended too .


I aspire to offer a high quality Autism Diagnostic service that will meet the following high quality criteria :

  • Fully compliant with the relevant NICE guidance
  • Only ever carried out by highly experienced, registered and regulated professionals ,registered with Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)
  •  Never exclusively online and a range of information sources will be assessed, considered and evaluated
  • Always honest and transparent about fees

The process

The Autism diagnostic assessment is a very detailed and comprehensive assessment, usually completed over several sessions (on average 4-6).

In the first session we will discuss the main reasons for seeking the diagnostic assessment; a basic screening will also be completed to determine if a full diagnostic assessment is indicated. All available clinical information such as letters, previous reports, other assessments will also be reviewed.

A detailed initial assessment stage (usually lasting up to 3 hours involving 1 hour of direct contact and review of all available clinical information ), can be a stand-alone procedure and we can jointly decide for the next steps i.e. to complete a full diagnostic assessment or not (as other factors may explain better any distressing emotions and overwhelming experiences).

A full diagnostic assessment involves:

  • Detailed developmental history taking and use of various screening questionnaires
  • Detailed Clinical Interview with a significant other (parent, friend, partner etc)
  • Completion of Autism Diagnostic test such as ADOS-2
  • Diagnosis -Report writing and Recommendations

Post diagnostic support can also be arranged if needed. Please note that this is priced separately and is NOT covered by any insurers.


Full Autism diagnostic assessment: £1800

Initial consultation: Assessment and screening: £250
(the amount is deducted from the £1800 if a full diagnostic assessment is completed ).

Post diagnostic support sessions: £120 per 60-minute session.

Adult Autism Assessments

Adult Autism Assessments

Many of my clients have life long psychological struggles because of undiagnosed conditions, ASD and/or ADHD
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Psychological Assessment and Therapy

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Session Information

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