Lina Papista - Specialist Clinical Psychologist



Hi, I am Lina Papista, a Specialist Clinical Psychologist based in Manchester.

With over 20 years of Clinical experience, I work with adults (18 and over) and I can help with most mental health problems such as EUPD, ASD, anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, work stress, relationship difficulties.

Psychological therapy will help you improve your self-esteem, your relationships and can help you reduce your psychological distress. I can help you  make sense of any difficult emotions you may experience, and improve your life choices in general .



My Services

As a Highly Specialist Clinical Psychologist, I offer Psychological Assessment and Therapy for adults (18 and over).

I have  also worked in  Specialist Autism services and  I can offer comprehensive Adult Autism Assessments.

If you feel you may benefit from my services please just get in touch.

My Services

About Me

I have been working as a Highly Specialist Clinical Psychologist for the last 15 years in a various Specialist Adult Mental health services. I have also worked in  Specialist Autism services and in  neuro-rehabilitation.

I have a very wide range of experience in complex psychological assessments, and extensive experience in bespoke psychological therapy and in schema informed therapy.